Next Book (#4) - The Empath's Dilemma

  • Title: The Empath's Dilemma ?
  • Sub-Title: ?
  • Author: John J. Rieger
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Date Published: Conceptual
  • Publisher: Shenreed Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Pages: N/A
  • Format: Print and eBook
  • File Size: N/A
  • Price: N/A


  • The proposed title of my fourth book will be “The Empaths Dilemma.” It will focus on the everyday relationship issues people have, and why they are locked in the undesired cycles they experience. It will provide real life examples along with the insights and understandings that will enable them to empower themselves to live life as they desire. This book will be an extension of my previous works. It will be a compilation of some of the insights and realizations I've had on my journey. It will cover various topics and subjects that could also be used as articles for magazines and on the web sites. Since my awakening, I have continued with my journaling and now have thousands of hand written journal pages, enough material for several more books. I've also saved well over 1000 pages of the work that I've done on the web sites I've previously participated in.

    The purpose of these books and websites is to not only share my journey, messages, insights and tools, but to also share my dream, desire and vision for the "New World," of bringing Heaven to Earth. If you would like to share in this adventure and journey or have comments and suggestions, please feel free to contact the author the following e-mail address.

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