Book 1 - Journeys from the Heart Centre

Book 1
  • Title: Journeys from the Heart Centre
  • Sub-Title: Meditation as a tool for healing and Self-empowerment
  • Author: John J. Rieger
  • Print ISBN: 978-0-9810900-4-7
  • Date Published: 2015-07-27
  • Publisher: Shenreed Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 220 (100,594 words)
  • Format: 6"x9" US Trade Paperback
  • Price: $13.95 US

  • eBook ISBN: 9780981090078
  • Date Published: July 27, 2016
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This is the first book in a trilogy and is a "how-to" manual and a guide to assist those who are seeking to heal and empower themselves. In the course of my journey, I discovered that meditation / visualization was a tool that not only expanded my conscious awareness, but could also be used to provide access, and gain insights and potential healing into the issues that I was experiencing in my life. I also discovered that meditation/visualization was only useful as a “tool” for healing and self-empowerment if it was used from a "non-denial" perspective, as you can't heal what you don’t have acceptance for. Without this shift in conscious awareness and point-of-view, there can be no change and no healing. Unless you are open-minded and truly desire to end your denials and are willing to challenge your old beliefs that you cling to as truth, this book will be of little value or aid to you.

While this work is based on the concept of meditation/visualization, it is NOT the traditional form used by society that is based in denial, where the intent is to put aside, ignore and deny your problems and issues that are creating stress in your life, by entering a temporary state of relaxation and peace. While this book still uses basic meditation/visualization techniques, the intent and focus is from a non-denial point-of-view, where you now seek to find the underlying causes to the stress, fears and issues in your life, and to subsequently heal them. This book provides details and examples for all the healing modalities or “tools,” as I've come to call them, that I use on my journey, as well as providing additional notes, understandings and insights that will greatly assist you on your personal healing journey and your search for truth, love and life. What I share in this and my other books is not based on academic assumptions or observations, but on personal experience where I was both the scientist searching for truth and understanding, and also the test subject, by applying my hypothesis to my personal life issues to see if they were correct. My journey was one of trial and error, and I had to find out what didn’t work, before I could find what did.

All the tools that I share in this book lead up to and are an integral part of Chapter 11 (Feeling, healing and understanding emotions) that I consider to be the most important tool if healing and self-empowerment is your intent. Because these journeys are based on ending denials, your beliefs, judgments, feelings and emotions will come to play a major role in each and every journey and experience. Part and parcel of working with these tools will not only be the increased awareness of your issues, denials and judgments, but also how they’re creating your present reality and affecting others, and how others are affecting you. This book isn’t about giving you some mental affirmations or details that you need to memorize in order to empower yourself, it’s about using the tools in this book and applying what you experience and learn from them to your personal life that will empower you.

I openly share the knowledge, tools and insights that I've gained through years of intensive personal experience and in working with others on their journey. It’s my intent that the ideas and works that are presented in this book will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your heart. The title of this book is appropriate because to use the tools to heal and empower yourself, you need to be coming from your Heart Centre. By Heart Centre, I mean coming from a place of unconditional love, compassion and acceptance for the expression of all your feelings and emotions, and not the denial and suppression of them (conditional love) as you had been doing all your life.

This book provides not only the basic tools, but lays the foundation for what is to follow, and is the first of a trilogy. In my second book, "My journey - Three levels of healing," I share three healing experiences that these tools helped me achieve, plus a host of insights and understandings not provided in this book. My third book, “Journey to the Heart Centre – Healing begins in the Heart,” is an autobiography, where I share my journey, how I began to use the tools, and the trials and tribulations I went through that finally enabled me to heal and empower myself. It also contains numerous channeled messages that helped me on my journey that I’m sure will also assist you on yours.

I've arranged the "tools" in this book in basically the same order and steps that I explored them, so it will be a natural progression to move from one section to the next. Below is a list of the table of contents that will give you an idea of what I'll be sharing in this book. These tools work, I've proved them for myself, but it is up to you to prove if they also work for you, and you can only do that by applying what you learn when you are working with them, to the issues and experiences in your daily life.


John Rieger


John Rieger aka Shenreed

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Wellness and Self-empowerment Tools
  • Chapter 2 - Breath, Grounding, Relaxing, and Centering
  • Chapter 3 - Denial Based Meditation
  • Chapter 4 - Non-Denial Based Meditation
  • Chapter 5 - Visualization Journeys
  • Chapter 6 - Animal Guides and Totems
  • Chapter 7 - Clearing your Astral Attachments
  • Chapter 8 - Exploring Past Lives
  • Chapter 9 - Life Guides and Higher Self
  • Chapter 10 - Conscious Channeling
  • Chapter 11 - Feeling, Healing and Understanding Emotions
  • Chapter 12 - Multi-dimensional Journeys
  • Chapter 13 - Other Journeys
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • Appendix

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