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2015 July 28 - Now that the trilogy is finally published and available in PRINT, Iíll be working on formatting the manuscripts so that they can be viewed on various eBook readers, as the present formats are not acceptable, and have been deleted. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I hope to have the eBooks available shortly. Thank you for your interest in the material I share.

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For most of my life, Iíve felt that I was always on the outside looking in. I was constantly being told, and naively believing, that something was wrong with me, that I wasnít like the others. I tried being like the others, talking and acting like them, but I wasnít good at it because it never felt right, it felt unnatural and unloving. I tried getting them to like and accept me, but the harder I tried to be nice, kind, considerate, compromising, co-operative, compassionate, caring and loving, the emptier I felt, and the more I was criticized and rejected. It seemed that no matter what I said or did, or didnít say or do, I was always wrong. Feelings of not fitting in and of not being good enough dominated my life experiences, and even when I did stand my ground and dared to be different, to be myself, any success I achieved was only temporary as Iíd be attacked mentally, emotionally and even physically, which made me give up on that idea. I was in a constant state of terror and heartbreak, or anger and rage. I was living; no, I was surviving and gradually moving toward self-annihilation, while calling it life.

AwakeningBut now that has all changed, and while Iím still on the outside looking in, Iím no longer trying to be like them. I say on the outside looking in because I now see and feel that the world and reality I was trying to fit into, is one of denial and conditional love, while the world and reality I desire is one that is free of denial and where love is unconditional. So while Iím presently living in two realities, Iím no longer trying to fit in or to make others happy by denying expressing what I really think/feel, and to just be who I am. Iím not saying that Iím free of denial as I still have issues to heal, but my journey and healing experiences thus far have opened my eyes to see the role denial was playing in my life and I no longer choose to play the power and control game that denial creates. So to answer your question as to how this shift occurred is what these three books are all about. What I share in these books is not based on theory or observation, but on personal experience, which I feel is the best teacher.

While on the surface it may appear that this topic is nothing new as there have been thousands of books written on healing emotions and self-empowerment, I assure you that what you will read in these books is not only new and unique, but also controversial. What I share goes against almost everything that society presently believes to be true about emotions, feelings, love and life. Ending denials and exposing secrets is the exact opposite of what everyone is doing and that is not only new, but also frightening as ending denials and exposing secrets is not what is considered normal, appropriate, or even safe. Expressing our true feelings and emotions when they are deemed negative or are not what others want to hear is also contrary to popular opinion. We can only heal our emotions by ending our denials of them, not by controlling and denying them as we have been doing. How can we fix something if we keep denying itís broken, or keep pushing it away. Ending denials opens the door to unlimited possibilities, where anything and everything is possible. Although many will talk about being open minded, facing their fears, healing their issues and taking their power back, most do not ďwalk their talkĒ and when given the mental, emotional and physical opportunity to do so, they will either fight to justify their old beliefs, run, or just give up.

My journey began in 1990, when my personal and business world was collapsing and frustrated with my life and traditional dogma, I began my journey, my search for truth and the meaning of life. My journey is an eclectic blend of science and spirituality, (not religion) as I explore the middle ground between what science canít see, hear, feel or prove, and thereby states doesnít exist, and what religion doesnít want you to find out is real for yourself. As I ventured into the great unknown, I had no guide, no signposts, only my Mind and my feelings, (which I didn't trust) to help me find what was missing in my life. I was blinded by a fog, aware only that I was searching for something but not knowing what I was searching for, how to find it, where to look for it, or to even know if I had found it when I did, and then what to do with it when, and if I found it. I challenged everything I explored and was always asking who, what, where, when, why and how, and when Iíd get an answer, I was filled with even more questions. I was looking for the common thread that would link all the information I was exploring together. It wasnít until 1997 that I found the key and the common thread I was looking for. What I found that was common, was not what was being said, but what was not being said, that was being denied, and that was the turning point in my search.

Awakening It took me eleven years to move from the first stirrings of conscious awareness, the quickening, and the beginning of my search, through the process of finding the tools that I needed, learning how to use them, to finally entering the gap and reaching my awakening point, that of bringing consciousness to the lost parts of me with unconditional self-love. Now, Iím on the journey to integrate this new awareness into the physical world, to heal all aspects of my Being, to ďwalk my talkĒ and to bring Heaven to Earth. I know that what Iíve found, others are also searching for and hope to find, and this is what I want to share. What I share is what I have lived and personally experienced and what Iíve experienced, felt and know in my Heart, canít be studied in any present form and thus the reason for these and future books.

While this trilogy takes you on my journey and gives you the tools, understandings and insights that will assist you and take years off your journey, it is still a journey that you need to desire to experience for yourself. As stated, these books are based on my experiences and to truly understand them, you will have to do more than just read them, you will also have to apply them to your daily life and experience them for yourself to ďknowĒ if they are also true for you. Without the application and experience, they are merely mental concepts, knowledge, and words from a book. Iím not asking you to accept what Iím saying as your personal truth, only that you give it a try to see for yourself if what I say works for you. What do you have to lose except your old social and religious beliefs that you are unhappy with anyway, or you wouldnít be looking for change and have been led to these books. It is my intent that these books will not only expand your consciousness, but also activate your emotions and touch your Heart that you not only resonate with what Iíve shared, but also see and feel how they relate to your life and your issues. What you heal and how quickly will depend entirely on your intent, effort, courage and commitment to healing and empowering yourself. What you personally feel, experience and express in the process of reading these books will also bring you closer to your awakening, to that magical moment when you put unconditional self-love into action and experience and feel the power, peace, movement, balance, freedom and joy it brings when you are living in truth and not denial.


John Rieger

John Rieger aka Shenreed

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