Book 3 – Chapter 8 - Faltering Steps – Excerpt 3-9

Responsibility and Empowerment

(Channeled Message)

dove1998 Mar. 08 - It is personal responsibility for your own development, no one can do it for you, can save you. They can show you the way, a truth, something that will trigger you into awareness of your drama, of the illusions of what you call reality, but it is you, your free Will to choose, and then, through your words and deeds to align with your thoughts and desires; to create the reality you seek and not the illusion you have been caught in.

False prophets, religions, churches, etc., these illusions of power will all be quick to deny a truthful response and quicker to point out your fears, faults and short comings. For they will confuse you, to offer you quick salvation, to have you believe that in order to live the life you have always wanted to live but which is only possible in heaven or on other dimensions or planets. And that only after you die or ascend, and if, and it’s a big IF, if you give your power to them and place your trust in them, because they have been ordained, and are deemed holier or better than you by your beliefs. When in fact, the power for your salvation, your empowerment, lies within you when you recognize your true God/Goddess essence and it is NOT a mental recognition we are talking about.

Release the falseness of these promises, of these words, for it is time to shed these old beliefs and imprints and programs and to take back your power. Your power from unloving light that would control you, have you live, not live, for it is not life, would have you exist in fear and in loneliness. Blessings

1998 Mar. 12 - Jen had given Liz and I a plain paper face mask a few days ago, after she heard my previous message on false faces. She told us to draw or paint on it whatever we felt reflected us and who we were. I picked up Liz at her home and then we went to Jen’s place to take part in this mask unveiling. Jen went first and shared what her mask meant to her and then it was my turn. When I stood up before them and looked at my mask, what I thought I had painted and wanted to say wasn’t what I saw and said. When I looked down at my mask I realized that it was the false mask that I was wearing to pretend to be who I wasn’t. I don’t really remember what I said but I do know that I was standing in the middle of the room openly and emotionally sharing and crying. When I was finished, I tore up the mask. I spend the next three days with myself.