Book 3 – Chapter 7 - 1998 - Transitions – Excerpt 3-8

1998 Feb. 21 - My Denied Anger

1998 Feb. 21 - I got a lot of stuff together and had my indoor garage sale in the empty shop. It was a nice day and quite a few people showed up and I got rid of a lot of stuff. After the sale, my next-door neighbors asked me over for supper and that was nice.

heartAs I’m typing this for this book, I realize that I have denied anger at myself as there was this one large man that went around the shop and was making me ridiculously low offers on some good stuff. I thought that was all he was buying, so I denied that I really wanted more and let it go. I remember a three-tier fishing tackle box full of lures and stuff, not counting a couple of good rods and reels. I wanted $25.00 for the works and he offered me $10.00. As it was getting near the end of the day and as I wasn’t into fishing anymore, I said okay to the ten bucks. He did the same routine with a few other things and then when he was ready to leave, I totaled up his stuff and it came to $100.00. He then said, “I’ll give you $75.00 for the works.” Like a dummy, I hesitated, denied, and then agreed.

He proudly waddled out and piled the stuff in and on his car and then asked me how much for the 30 feet of ¾” nylon rope that I had for sale, so that he could tie the sail board to the roof of his car instead of the twine he was using. Angrily, but in a joking manner I said, “Sure, I’ll sell you the rope for $25.00.” He looked at me and said,” I’ll give you $5.00.” I smiled and said, “Not this time.” He glared, huffed, and continued tying the sailboard to the roof of his car with the old binder twine he had. Why the fishing tackle bothered me is because the next time I was in Canadian Tire, I was shocked to see the sticker price of the lures and accessories. Looking back, what I had in tackle, rods and reels was worth over $500.00. Humph! But now I realize that I still have attachment to the fishing tackle, rods and reels that I need to release. ♥