Book 3 - Chapter 6 - Releasing the Old – Excerpt 3-7

The Journey Begins

dove1997 Oct. 01 - Today is the beginning of the journey. Expect not sudden revelations to begin in full force that which you will be doing / being. Trust that what is happening is for your highest purpose and good, even if you do not know or understand what is happening. Even if it seems a conflict or strife, in the moment is what you need, the tools you need to acquire to fulfill your mission.

There will be changes occurring in your daily life which will seem to come out of the blue and you will have no idea, but all is in synchronicity. The players are being brought together and the game, the real game is about to begin.

Allow; be open to the people and the things that are about to come into your life and worry not about what it is that you think you might be doing. Allow yourself in the present, to be what you are doing and do what is your being. It will flow if you allow it and not plan it with your linear mind. For the conscious mind and ego are trying to put the pieces together to a three dimensional puzzle in a two dimensional format, and it can’t make sense out of it. Stop trying to apply the old programs, imprints and beliefs and patterns to make the puzzle fit, it won’t. Allow yourself the freedom to experience; go with the flow, for there is NEW learning that needs to take place now. You have to let go of sufficient beliefs, patterns, programs and imprints so that your mind can allow new information to flow in. Follow your instincts, not your logical mind, for this is the new way of creating your own reality, allowing your imagination and intuition to carry you to create and discover your wildest dreams. There is much you will become aware of in the times ahead and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you in whatever way we can. Blessings, Mother, Father and the Company of Heaven.

1997 Oct. 15 - Last week, I placed an ad in the regional newspaper offering the business for sale. I got a couple of calls but no one was really interested. I heard earlier through the grapevine, that my ex-partners wife had died of cancer the past year and that he had bought a new house. I was still bitter at our relationship so I called my lawyer and had him check to see if he had money now to pay me what he owed me. My lawyer came back with a, “No, it’s not worth it” as there was little equity in the house and it didn’t appear that he had received a sudden windfall from his wife’s insurance. My lawyer also said that the house was jointly registered with his daughter. I was hoping that it might have been a yes, as that would have offered me some financial relief as I was feeling a lot of pressure and hopelessness at this time. With my entire world falling down around me, I still managed to remain optimistic on the Wellness Centre (in denial) and registered the trade name “The Heart Centre.”

1997 Dec. 11 - I drove to Barrie and we closed the deal on the business. Ken said that he would be up on the weekend to start to remove the machinery, equipment, fixtures, stock and inventory. We had agreed to a ten-percent hold back to ensure that basically I would be there to assist in training him for a two-week period beginning in the New Year. I never did get the post-dated holdback cheque and I didn’t ask for it when I thought about it, and then later I forgot, as I got wrapped up in signing the papers and was just happy to sell the business. When I left, I took the certified cheque to the bank and deposited it. As I did, I felt a sense of sadness followed by a sense of relief and freedom. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, “Now the house is next.”

1997 Dec. 22 - Carol called saying an offer was in. I drove down to Barrie and I signed back a counter offer and waited as she faxed it to the vendor. Minutes later the fax came back, offer accepted, done deal, the property was sold and I had until the end of February to move out.

I had been waiting for a break in the weather to get more firewood and the next day was nice so I decided to pick up an additional chord and a half to last me the winter. I had a quiet Christmas at home and made myself a chicken stir-fry for supper.

Most of the business had been moved out by the end of the month. I helped a bit but I had other things to do too. It felt weird seeing the twelve hundred square foot shop empty and also knowing that soon, the house would be empty too. Thus the year came to a close. A lot of things had happened and changed on many levels and a lot of changes were also to come.