Book 3 – Chapter 3 - 1997 - The Winds of Change – Except 3-4

Clearing the Astral Plane

(Channeled Message)

doveIndeed, the healing now is also of those in the Astral plane for they are part of the planetary consciousness that needs awakening, not only those in the physical. Awakening these will also aid those on the planet to which some of these souls are attached for whatever reason. Releasing them now, giving them the opportunity not to be Earth bound, held by remorse, regret, or guilt, for those in the physical. This is the next clearing and you will notice new energies arriving to allow this to be accelerated. This will be a phenomenon like the flu. Suddenly Humans will be realizing that there are those energies around them that don’t belong there, and they will feel anxious and will want to disassociate themselves with this energy, for although it is of a higher vibration than the physical, your light bodies are beginning to vibrate higher than the astral plane and hence the perception and the discomfort.

This awareness will be noticed and it will take time to release all those in the Astral plane that will want to be released. For the energies coming to Earth now not only affect Humans in the physical, but this energy is more directed to the souls in the Astral, for their healing, for their acceleration, to increase their vibration. Understand that as you prepare to meet this challenge, trust your guidance, your messages and your truth for you are protected always. They will come to seek you out as you are a portal, a doorway, and an answer to their question, to their dilemma. Simply acknowledge their presence and you may, if so directed, initiate a dialogue or simply be a beacon that will automatically inform them of what they desire to know and to show them the path to the light for growth and development. Simply say “I am the light, the truth and the way” and they will be given what is required to move into the light.

Understand also there will be those who are not simply lost, but who have attachments in varying degrees. These will usually be associated with those in the physical and the physical Humans will be coming for counseling, guidance, understanding and release from these shadows. This will be where considerable work will be required and all within the group and some outside the immediate group will be preparing themselves for this task. Adornia, Blessing unto you child.

Another brief message I got later was that “the Astral plane is next to be cleared in the physical, and that is what you’re doing, that is what is holding a lot of people back, for a cloud is over them.”

Clearing our astral plane and our attachments was one of the many things we worked on with ourselves, each other and with others who we felt were open. Attachments can be to people, living or dead, places or things, entities and even thought forms. I can’t remember what Rita’s attachments were that we cleared but with Rita’s help; my first experience was that of releasing my mother who is very much alive. During the journey, I could see and feel that her attachment to me was her need to be in control, that she knew what was good for me and wanted to save me from myself. My attachment to her was that of feeling that I was responsible for her, that she is my mother and that I can’t hurt her feelings. When I released my attachment to her I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. As we progressed and became more confident in our journeys, I also became aware of other peoples attachments and found ways to help them clear themselves too