Book 3 – Chapter 3 - 1997 - The Winds of Change – Except 3-3

The fall of 1996

By the fall of 1996 my journey and search had intensified, or rather became more focused. Having just ended my relationship with Michelle, I was left to be with my two cats, my business, and myself. As I previously mentioned, the property I bought had a century old school house, a shop and a shed. While the manufacturing end of the business was located in a shop, I had the office in my home. This arrangement provided me with ample opportunity to pursue my spiritual growth. If there were no orders to ship, or stock and inventory to get ready, I’d put the phone on the answering machine and do whatever I felt like doing, as most orders came in by fax. As far as the business was concerned, fall was the busiest season as stores were gearing up for Christmas sales. But even though it was busy, I’d still take days off and ship orders at the end of the week, or next week, if they came in Thursday or Friday and I wanted to do something else. I didn’t have that spark or drive to succeed like I used to have, as I felt that there was more to life than just work. When I wasn’t working, I’d spend as much time as I could reading, meditating, channeling, talking on the phone, or going into town to the New Age books stores, and either looking for new books or just chatting with the owners and other customers.

I also found and joined a small local group that was holding meditation and channeling sessions once a week. This is where I met Rita, and after attending a few meetings, we exchanged phone numbers. A few days later I called her and we talked for over two hours that first night. We then began to regularly share our personal experiences and delve into topics that interested us. We also worked with each other doing journeys, sometimes into the small hours of the morning. All of our discussions and journeys were over the phone as she lived in Barrie that was some twenty miles from me.

––-- To be continued ----