Book 3 – Insights and Conclusion – Excerpt 3-20


As I was proof reading and editing this book, I was also referring back to my journals and day-timers. I decided to delete some material and add other parts that I now feel are important. Knowing that my second healing experience was the conclusion of this book, I was trying to decide how to end it. While reading the part about my healing experience, I was amazed to discover how casually I had slipped by the monumental significance of that healing day on 2000 Aug. 11, and how I carried on as if nothing had really happened or changed, but it had. It wasn’t until later, as I continued to become more aware of how and when I was denying, or not denying myself, that the true significance of that moment impacted me, and still is for that matter. That experience wasn’t just another breakthrough, it was “the” major turning point in my life, but like I said, I didn’t know it at the time, or the full ramifications of it, and I still don’t, as I was unaware that I was opening a door to another reality.

Having made that realization, I purposefully included another three weeks of my journey past that moment. This is not meant to deceive you or to belittle the moment, but to share the moment, and then, show how it moved and grew to become a part of my life in a gradual process, rather than a sudden transformation that would change my whole world in an instant. My whole world did change in that instant, but then it was more like conception, the merging of the egg and sperm, the beginning of awakening my consciousness. Now I feel that consciousness, that life, moving, growing, and evolving to the point where gradually and lovingly, I birth myself to become all that I am. I’m still in my embryonic stage, still growing and evolving in the first trimester. I also just realized that growth is not linear, but exponential and that realization brought tears to my eyes.

I must add that many of the insights that I present in this section are not ones that I had during, or even immediately after my healing experiences, especially those relating to the second level of healing. These came only after other experiences and mini-healings that built upon my previous experiences. Any insights and realizations I did have in the course of my journey, I included as I went along with my story.

In the process of writing and then proof reading and editing this book, I had several opportunities to relive my journey. I could see that it was all there a long time ago in the messages I was getting, but I just couldn’t see it, or rather, I couldn’t feel it. The messages were information and clues, but all I got out of them was what I was able to accept and comprehend with the limited consciousness and awareness I had at the time. I also realized that I wasn’t given more than what I was able to handle. This is also the reason I’ve included most of the messages, as they will speak to you in a manner and at the time you are ready to receive them.

––-- To be continued --––