Book 3 – Chapter 2 - 1990 - My Journey Begins – Excerpt 3-2

Spring of 1990

In the spring of 1990, I stopped in at Holmes Book Store, in Barrie, Ontario, and picked up, “The Edgar Cayce Primer,” by Hurbert Puryear. It was a little black paperback that I found in the used book section. When I leafed through the pages I just so happened to stop on the page discussing the Akashic Records. Reading that sent a shock wave through me that said, wow, been there done that; finally here is somebody that makes sense and that I can relate to. I bought the book, and for the next five years I collected every Edgar Cayce book I could get my hands on, and yet, there was always something missing. The books were a piece of the puzzle but I felt there was more to it, and I was determined to find out what that more was. During the next five years I picked up over two hundred and fifty books, everything from UFO’s, mysteries of the paranormal, ancient civilizations, crystals, sound, color, magnets, pyramids, massage, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, body movement, herbs and plants, runes, tarot decks, pendulums, past lives, chakras, native teachings, channeled books, new age magazines and the list goes on. Of all the channeled books I was reading “Bashar,” by Darryl Anka, and “Bringers of the Dawn” and “Earth,” by Barbara Marciniak had the biggest influence on me at this point in my journey. I started to read the New Testament and looked into what Eckankar, the Rosicrucians, and Scientology had to offer, but they weren’t what I was looking for. Eastern religions and philosophy also interested me. I started to study them but I wasn’t really drawn to anything other than meditation, chakras, reincarnation and karma, as those topics also provoked more questions than answers. The rest of the material appeared to be a takeoff, or had a similar spin to other religious beliefs, or vice versa, all saying the same thing more or less, just in a different way that still “felt” off. All these added to my knowledge, but it still left me feeling like something was missing. I was looking for a common thread, something that would link them all together, and so far it was eluding me.

During this period, I also went to a few psychic fairs where at first I would just walked around and watch and talk to those that appealed to me. After a couple of years, I finally got up enough nerve and stopped in to get a tarot reading. At the next psychic fair in Toronto, in the fall of 1993, I happened to walk by a partially curtained off area where Karen Langstaff was channeling a message. I stopped and was intrigued by what she was saying, and later stopped at her booth where she did a channeled reading for me and I was hooked, I had to know more about this thing called channeling.

She also informed me that she was holding meetings every Monday evening in Toronto, where people that were interested in channeling would come and share their experiences, and of course channel. It was a one hour drive from Barrie into Toronto, and after attending three or four meetings as an observer I enrolled in her class to learn how to channel. Up to this point, I had never even meditated so I was both excited and afraid. What if I became possessed? What if I couldn’t get out of the trance like state? At this time she was still using the Edgar Cayce deep trance method of channeling for her main work, but she was also starting to work with conscious channeling, which is what interested me, and was what this class was to be about.

––-- To be continued ----