Book 3 – Chapter 16 - 2000 - The New Millennium – Excerpt 3-19


(Channeled Message)

dove2000 July 09 - You hang on so dearly to words, what people say, but what really needs to be opened in honest and forthright communicat-ion between relationships, first and foremost, is that it doesn’t matter what words they say, but what is felt and what is not said. It matters most what you say, say it in balance that comes from the Heart. First, recognize your words, your intent, your desires, your energy behind the words you speak and also your energy behind the words you do not speak. Being honest with self is foremost. Allowing the other person to respond how they want to, is their expression to your statement or question.

The words are important in your linear mind as to definition and meaning but the word definition comes fourth in importance. First, comes the feeling tone, the vibration of the words. Second, comes the feeling tone and vibration of what is not being said. Third, comes your intuition, your response from your Heart, that first feeling response. So in actuality, words are not really important. You do not need words or to understand words to communicate. For example, take little children that have not yet learned words, or children who have different languages that are brought together. They play and express themselves in ways other than words.

Old programs and beliefs are hooked onto words and vice versa, and the mind (ego) tries to pull up data based on words to express a belief that would suit the experience or remembrance it needs to express. The energy contained in these beliefs and programs can be very strong depending on how deeply the program or belief has been put in place. Moreover, certain words or phrases will mean one and only one thing, with no options open for other definitions let alone feelings.

As you let go of these beliefs and programs, the mind (ego) searches for protection, safety in the old tried and true even if it is no longer true or serves ones higher purpose. The old is preferred to the unknown, especially when it comes to emotions and thereby can be avoided and denied. The path is familiar and this road has been well traveled, and even though pain is known, it is the emotions that can be controlled. Fear of the unknown, of terror, keeps you from exploring and experiencing the new. For how can you accept new emotional experiences if you cannot accept the old ones? How can you face, accept new terror if you cannot face or accept the old?

In the same way joy, things that are joyous, bring pleasure to you, because you believe they do not have fear or terror to them. You therefore accept them and you can accept new experiences that hold the belief that it is the same pleasant and controlled experience you had before. So you go along with being open to this new experience because of the promise that it will be similar to ones that you enjoy and do not fear, or if any fears are there, they do not appear to be threatening to you.

One way to avoid the pain of unpleasant memories is to block them out, to go in a different direction, to avoid by saying or doing something else to change the topic, the focus, and failing that, one tries to deny by closing down and withdrawing. And when that fails, the next step is to express anger and rage at what the mind and ego fear is another’s attempt to control them, to make them experience something they don’t want, based on their programs and beliefs.

Once the denied emotional response is accepted, there is no longer the charge, the fear, the terror of having to face and deal with something you don’t want to deal with because you have already dealt with it, and now the old belief and program can be changed, dissolved. Now when the words come up to trigger you it will no longer send you into panic and terror for they will have a different “feel’ to them, there will be acceptance, compassion and understanding. Not that you will give up your power and re-create the original experience, no, but one where you will “feel” the others intent even if it is not spoken. One can then make decisions based on your true feelings and not merely words and old beliefs and programs, and the old energy that was trapped in those words.

It is not an easy process and there are many layers to these beliefs and programs, but little by little they can be healed. As you get closer to key issues, you will also have stronger fear and terror and more resistance to change your old beliefs, and what you call the ego will try to hang on for what it considers dear life, but it is not life it clings to, it is death. And the voice that is prompting from behind the scenes is Lucifer, unloving light, using anything he can to pull up any reason to stop or delay the process, and guilt and shame are two of his favorite tools. Lucifer doesn’t need to use external methods to control you; he has all the tools he needs inside you. He only uses the external to help trigger your fear and terror to keep you prisoner. As long as you hold fast to your old beliefs and programs, you are Lucifer’s puppet, doing and saying what he wants, going to your death with unloving light.

Confusion is large here for you have been told this and that by so many that it is difficult to determine what or who to believe anymore. But you need to let your Heart “feel” what is true, what feels right to you, what feels loving to you. And as you will have to go through your quicksand of beliefs, the ones that are up to your neck and about to drag you down, you will find a branch that is firmly anchored in the truth that will allow you to pull yourself out of the old beliefs and programs and to see them for what they really are, to feel them for what they really are. You will know in your Heart when you have hold of such a branch. Blessings, Father and Mother and the company of Heaven.

quoteWords give you an outline, feelings give you understanding. - Shenreed