Book 3 – Chapter 16 - 2000 - The New Millennium – Excerpt 3-18

Memory, Denial and Fear

(Channeled Message)

dove 2000 May 13 - Denial and fear are your main issues in being unable to express and communicate what you feel and what you intuit. As you experience and become activated, you close down and deny them. Fears surface along with false Will, false emotions, that tell you the situation or experience is not to be trusted, to be feared. Your mind (Ego) then strings out a long list of possibilities, probabilities and comparisons that are history, based on the initial experience and hence all experiences. History or memory is based on the original experience which was necessary for whatever emotions that needed to be triggered in agreement, but all re-actions, re-creations since then, have in fact, been re-in-act-ments of the original experience, of original cause.

2000 May 16, 4:48 am - I came to the realization that I’m trying to make and save money so that I can do what I think I really want to do, but the more I work and save, the more I end up spending. I can never get ahead. Why can’t I do what I really want to do and have all the money I need to allow me to experience all I want to?

I heard a soft voice say, “Your denials will attack you to show you that your fears are right.”

But what do I love or desire? I ask for help to find my Heart’s desire. It is my intent not to deny myself for the sake of others for whatever reason. I intend to become aware when I’m about to, or have gone into denial. I intend to end my denials, to speak, do, and be my truth at all times. I intend to remain open and to not close myself down. I intend to open myself, to allow myself to dream and to follow my dreams.

quoteYour denials will attack you to show you that your fears are right. - Shenreed