Book 3 – Chapter 14 - My Terror and Heartbreak – Excerpt 3-17

Letting Go, Ending the Struggle

(Channeled Message)

dove1999 Sept. 15 - Letting go of the struggle frees you from experiencing what you are afraid to feel again, because you feel and fear it will kill you. And so you struggle against the flow and are afraid to let go of your beliefs, programs and imprints that fill you with fear that brings up these old memories, even on a sub-conscious level. And so you fight the experience again and again, trying desperately not to re-live the pain and this is what the universe brings to you time and time again for your acceptance.

Letting go is allowing the river of life to flow through you and to bring you the experiences you need for growth, those experiences where in the past you had no acceptance. Letting go is not giving up on your will to live, your desires, your dreams, but to allow the universe to bring you to them instead of trying to struggle against the current to get to where you think it is safe, or to what you want. As you let go and allow yourself to experience each situation that is brought to you, to accept your feelings in the moment and let go of your beliefs of what happened in the past is going to happen again. So these experiences that you would have considered painful and undesirable, are not joyous in that they became not what you desired, but there is joy in the acceptance of the feelings and in that there is movement, and that movement takes you out of the experience and into others. The more in the moment you become, you are, you will find that you begin to also manifest those experiences that would bring joy to your life. So each new bend, twist, up or down, becomes filled with excitement rather than anxiety as you let go of your judgments. Adornia