Book 3 - Chapter 8 - Faltering Steps – Excerpt 3-10

Your Brothers and Sisters

(Channeled Message)

dove 1998 May 1 - Greetings, we come to you from afar this day to bring you introduction and welcomeness. We are not of your universe as you would term it, what you consider the known universe. We are of a sister universe, one of an infinite number within the cosmos. Indeed, you are not alone in ways that you cannot begin to fathom with your conscious mind at this time. There are wondrous times ahead; there are many adventures that await you. You have only to allow and intend to experience them and those that serve your highest good, for this is indeed a loving cosmos and as it unfolds, blossoms, it will be, is truly wondrous.

It is difficult to put into words, the thoughts, the feelings we have at this time, we are grasping, beginning to, of this method of communication, which by the way, by our means is primitive, not basic, but definitely limited. We are not judging you, merely expressing our relationship, not that we are more or less advanced, for we both have what you would term strengths and weakness, preferences, uniqueness and differences. We are here to teach and to learn. There will be exchange in the time ahead that will benefit all; it is a time of transformation, of enlightenment. We will be contacting you in the near future, in your dreamtime, for we are able to communicate and interact more readily. Then it will also transfer more to the consciousness once you are able to set, not to set aside, but to transform your fears, doubts, beliefs and programs and have integrated. GoGaNon.