Book 3 – Introduction – Excerpt 3-1

This Book

NOTE: Hopefully, to avoid confusion, you will read this introduction first and familiarize yourself with any symbols you may come across in these excerpts, as I don't plan to insert this text into every one.

The dilemma I had in writing and formatting this book was how to differentiate the channeled messages I was receiving from the main body of the book, and also, from my "now" emotional moments that I had when writing or editing this book that I decided to insert, as they too were part of my healing journey. I finally decided to use the following clipart images as symbolic markers to identify the channeled messages, my emotional "now" moments, and also my quotes.

doveThe Dove symbol represents channeled messages that I had recieved from my guides.

heart The Heart symbol represents my "now" emotional moments that I was feeling when I was either writing or editing this book. The small ♥ denotes the end.

quoteThe quotation symbol denotes one of my quotes based on an insight. For these excerpts I'll also present them in bold text.

heartIn this moment, this book feels like an impossible task. Some of my issues in writing this book are in both the organizing and the writing of it as I’ve never written a book before. I feel that I’m no writer and there is so much to say with so many layers, twists and turns, that I feel I will only confuse those that are trying to gain some insights into their issues. I feel like the blind leading the blind and that I’m not any kind of authority on the subject of self-empowerment. I’m not a lettered man, nor do I have any diplomas, certificates or status (including New Age) that states who, or what I am, as I don’t believe that defines who I am anyway. But here again, are those old programs, beliefs and judgments coming up that say that unless I have the approval of those in a position of power, and that I have met their qualifications and standards, that what I say isn’t true and that I won’t be taken seriously.

What I’m going to be sharing with you is from personal experience, which I feel is the best teacher. This is not to say that I haven’t read and studied others works, but I feel that I’ve had to travel down those paths to find out for myself, for my own experience, if that was, or wasn’t what I was looking for. While what I read offered some part truths, I always felt that something was missing. After reading numerous New Age, self-help, and scientific books, and examining various religions, I decided to expand my search and explore where there were no paths, to boldly go where no one had gone before, (sounds like “Star Trek”) to find the truth.

This book is in part, an autobiography, a part of my life that I’m afraid to share, and another part that I feel will read like a new age fiction story, one that is not real and that I’ve made up. This book is about the ending of my old life and reality and the beginning of my new life in a new world reality. This is difficult for me as I don’t know what I’m going to end up writing. I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences, feelings, trials and tribulations as well as my triumphs and joy. I’m going to be as honest as I can and present this book in a manner so that you’ll know that I’m human and on a journey to discover, heal and empower myself. That I too am struggling with my personal issues and demons that would have me stop this journey and to just get on with it, and make the best of a bad situation.

I’m also wondering how I’m going to include my family, friends, and acquaintances in this book without infringing on their space, their privacy, and their life. At this time, I don’t have the perfect answer, but I know and trust that I will get it when the time comes, so here goes a big leap of faith. I’ve also been wondering how I’m going to merge the messages and guidance I’ve received with my journal notes and make it all fit and flow. I began by entering my messages and notes into the computer from seven years ago and I realized that my beliefs of what I thought was the truth have changed, and for that matter, are still changing. I had this preconceived notion that I was going to write a book with only what I believe to be the truth today, and that it had to be perfect and not change. So I needlessly toiled and lamented, postponed and became frustrated with myself at even the thought that I could write this book. I then laughingly realized that this is the perfect moment to begin to write my book, and all those moments that I’m now typing into my computer were perfect moments at that time and place, as I was not ready for anything else. I now realize that I needed to go through those experiences to gain the awareness so that I could move on to the next experience. Not that all the choices I made were the right ones, but that too was perfect to allow me to gain experience and hindsights, to see where I would now choose differently. It makes me smile to see how a little twist in thoughts and words can change the whole meaning, perception and feeling of an idea. How easily we can get caught up in “trying to be perfect” when in actuality, we are in the perfect time and place to be all that we are capable of being and are aware of in the moment.

I just realized that writing this book is going to be another level of healing for me, to look at all the things I don’t like to see, that bother me, and to also look at all my judgments and issues that it will bring up that I need to heal. ♥