Book 2 – Chapter 8 - Spirit / Mind - Judgments – Excerpt 2-6

Hindsights and Wanting a Quick Fix

Beside the quick fix drug pushing prescriptions issued by medical doctors, there are also a host of New Age holistic and naturopathic modalities that, much like the current medical community, offer temporary quick fix remedies. While each has merit, they all fall short as they only address the symptoms and not the cause. Some of these are Reiki, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, massage, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, to name just a few. Others seek help through the use of natural health foods and herbal medicine, and still others believe that astrology, tarot cards, psychic readings, etc, will heal their issues. I have explored many of these New Age modalities in the early part of my journey and while all have benefits, they all fall short as they fail to work with the underlying causes of the mental, emotional and physical issues. Because the healing is only temporary, patients either keep paying for the same service, or they move on to find another quick fix modality in an attempt to find one that works.

I’ve had numerous e-mails, web chats, telephone conversations and one-on-one sessions with people that have tried various healing modalities that never helped them. In talking with them, some say they have tried doing the emotional work, but found that they were only going around in circles. While most had hindsights and realizations into what their issues and denials are, and also the awareness of how to heal them by ending their denials, healing still eludes them. Having hindsights and realizations are not the healing experience as they are only mental concepts and have no merit until they are put into action. They have bent intent and are either unable, or rather unwilling to take the plunge to heal their issues even though they will adamantly claim that this time they are ready to do the emotional work needed to heal and empower themselves.

Getting the Mind to awaken to try new thoughts and ideas is much like a rock skipping across a quiet body of water. It ripples the surface of consciousness and then moves on to the next bounce or experience and does the same thing. Although the rock is touching the waters of consciousness, it’s not submerging itself in the waters to feel the emotions and gain true understanding of what water really is. It makes ripples in the consciousness of the Mind, but it doesn’t sink in. What they fail to realize is that they have yet to consciously apply their knowledge the next time they’re activated in a real life situation, where ending their denials and experiencing unconditional self love will all come together and be experienced in the now, or present moment. It’s only when denials are ended in the present or now moment, that it will be felt, absorbed and understood, and the issue healed.

While they may think and say otherwise, they are still looking for a quick fix in that they think that by talking to someone and getting a hindsight or realization, that that is enough to heal and empower them. That’s where the skipping rock on water comes in, as although they get the realization, it doesn’t sink in because they’re hoping that the realization or hindsight is enough to fix the problems and issues they have, little knowing that the hindsight is just that, a hindsight, that there is a problem and what to do to heal it. What they don’t understand, is that they still need to do the work to resolve and heal their issues and that takes time, effort and Heart, as it needs to be healed, layer by layer, and by being consciously present in the moment they are activated. They feel fine until the next time they are activated when the same issue re-surfaces, and then wonder why all these hindsight’s and realizations are not working at healing their issues.