Book 2 – Chapter 3 – Intent – Excerpt 2-2

What is Self-empowerment

Healing and self-empowerment is about bringing light and love to those aspects of ourselves that we have denied and kept in the dark. It’s about finding our balance and the freedom to create and experience the life we have always dreamed of here on Earth. Self-empowerment also means that we need to take responsibility for all of our well-being. We have to do it for ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone. It doesn’t matter whether we begin with the repressed and denied emotions, the mental blocks and judgments holding them down, or the imbalances held in the physical body. When we can truly accept all of our “selves” in the moment, with love in our Heart, then we are in balance and in harmony with our Spiritual Essence. Although many will talk about being open minded, facing their fears, healing their issues and emotions and taking their power back, most do not walk their talk. When given the mental, emotional and physical opportunity to do so, they will either fight to justify their old beliefs, run, or just give up. Having a healing intent means that it has to have priority in your life. If you are not prepared to fully dedicate yourself to your healing process, then your intent is bent and what you will experience is just going in circles with nothing really changing. Healing intent is not just a mental concept or verbal affirmation; it has to be followed up with heartfelt action that reflects that intent.

When you have a forthright, heartfelt healing intent, you’re not only prepared to challenge all your judgments and beliefs, but are also willing to open yourself to feel and express all the feelings and emotions you have been denying. Having loving intent doesn’t mean “talking the talk,” but “walking the talk.” If you’re not prepared to follow through on your words with actions when you are being activated by others, then know that while you may be able to fool others, you are also fooling yourself, as you will have learned nothing and will continue to go in circles. Healing can be a long drawn out and painful process, or it can be relatively swift, again, depending on your intent. It is difficult to explain what loving intent is when the unseen role of denial is not recognized or understood. I think it’s much easier to grasp what loving intent is by giving examples of unloving or bent intent, and then letting you put the pieces together. To know what love is, you need to know what love is not. Love and loving intent can be recognized when all the denials and judgments that have been hiding it have been exposed and removed.

quote The first step to solving a problem is being aware and acknowledging that there is a problem. – Shenreed