Book 2 – Chapter 19 - The Healing Journey - Excerpt 2-13

Mini Healings – Baby Steps

Moving your feelings and emotions when you’re activated in private and during a meditation/visualization, will allow you to take your first baby healing steps that will then enable you to do other mini healings with a partner, or others in public. Giving yourself permission to end your denial of your Will by allowing yourself to feel and express your real feelings and emotions during these first steps enables you to express what you really feeling later when you are being triggered into a full blown activation of the issue that needs to be healed. If you can’t allow yourself these first baby steps by allowing your real feelings and emotions to begin to move in private or with a partner, then you will never be able to reach any of the other steps and healing will be impossible.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is difficult as quite often, even a simple puzzle piece is made up of another puzzle that needs to be put together so that you can use it to complete the puzzle and move onto the next. Healing can also be compared to a baby learning how to walk, as both involve the process of bringing consciousness into physical reality. A human baby is not born with the ability to walk like some wild animals, or with the knowledge of what it needs to do to survive, as it is totally dependent on its parents. It learns to walk by trial and error, first learning how to roll over on its belly, then how to crawl, sit and then stand with support. Then come the faltering and unknown first steps as it puts a foot out, not knowing what will happen. It will fall, but it will try and try again. Then, one day, when it has experienced enough things that don’t work, it will know what does work and it will be ready to walk, run, jump and dance. It’s a learning process and a journey, and so too is healing ones emotions.

You need to begin by looking for the little pieces, the minute details that seem insignificant but will clue you in to what is really going on. You have to look at the tree and not just see the forest that looms before you. A good way to begin is to keep a journal. Try not to just write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but to also allow yourself to express any feelings and emotions that you are feeling as you are writing. It’s also a good idea to put key words in the margins that will act as a quick reference in the future. Journaling is an important healing tool in that it gives the Mind proof that certain events, feelings and emotions were felt, that it could otherwise easily deny and forget if there wasn’t this physical proof in black and white that it can’t deny. Denials have to end if healing is to begin.