Book 2 – Chapter 17 - Anger and Rage – Excerpt 2-12

Real, and denied Anger and Rage

What I’ve experienced and come to discover and understand about anger and rage is that there are two sides, one side is loving and the other is the denied unloving side. Denied anger and rage have an infinite number of ways of expressing themselves, from being almost unconditional love, to being pure hatred and evol, (love reversed polarity) or the total absence of love. Our real anger and rage is an expression of unconditional love and therefore has only one state of being. Although expressed in only one way, without denial, it is at the same time also unlimited as it responds to any and every situation in the manner that it needs to.

What I’ve experienced is that while our Mind thinks that it knows what is best for all our Being, it is really ignorant, confused, and too busy trying to live up to all its beliefs and judgments. In trying to be in control and fit in and be accepted, it tries to act nice, kind, loving, caring, sharing, understanding, etc., and all the other phony qualities that are part of our learned social behavior, and in the process of acting, it isn’t listening to what its Will is saying. When the loving voice of anger and rage tells us not to be a hypocrite, not to deny our intuition and feelings, to tell it like it is, to tell the truth and to speak up, our Mind quickly over-rides it as it thinks that what it is doing is more loving. It judges challenging others and hurting their feelings, especially by expressing any anger and rage as unloving and unnecessary. As the Mind doesn't allow the other parts of itself to freely express themselves, it also has no acceptance for its real anger and rage and so too it is denied. The result of all these denials is that a part of loving anger and rage has had to reverse itself, (reversed polarity) and in doing that, it becomes unloving denied anger and rage. When this happens, if the person is activated into their denied issues and they gap, it is this denied anger and rage that now rises to attack what it considers a threat. The person’s Mind now takes a back seat as this denied anger and rage begins to express itself, either outwardly, blaming some other person, place or thing that it deems to be the problem, or inwardly, if the person has an issue with expressing anger and rage at others. So now all the so-called loving plans the Mind had to resolve the situation went out the window.

Our real anger and rage is there to protect us from harm and is totally different from denied anger and rage where the intent is attack and retaliation. Our anger and rage are seated in our survival or root Chakra, and is our last defense when we are in danger or being attacked by unloving light, and it will only show itself when our very survival is threatened and when the Mind is not in denial of any parts of its Being. Unfortunately, because we are unaware of the unseen role of denial, we, by our denials, twist and reverse this loving anger and rage energy from being one that protects us, to one that attacks others and also ourselves. Denied anger and rage are created when the Mind is in denial and has over-ridden its Will, Heart and Body, and has pushed its real anger and rage back down to the root or survival chakra, where it then becomes denied anger and rage, waiting to explode when it feels threatened and provoked.