Book 2 – Chapter 2 - Being Different – Excerpt 2-1

Ending the Battle

We need to step out of the role of being the victim and the victim mentality that creates it, and into the role of the parent and healer that takes responsibility for what is being experienced. To do that, the Mind needs to be willing to not only recognize, but to also let go of its old imprints, programs and beliefs that have trapped it into the victim role. It has been the Mind that has been blind and ignorant to the fact that it has been the one that has been sabotaging itself. Until the Mind, who has up until now been the one that has been in control of the Will, Body and Heart, relinquishes its control long enough to see and feel what is really going on, nothing is going to change. To the Mind, the thought of letting go of being in control is terrifying as that is all it has ever known and is also what its imprints, programs and beliefs say is the truth and is what will keep it and the other parts of its Being safe.

While there are other forces at work in our outer reality that have unloving intent to control us, and the rest of society, they are not the real enemy that we need to fight. I used to believe that I had to be the warrior and fight evil on all levels. When I stuck my nose into something that smelled of unloving control and manipulation, I either got smacked, or symbolically had my head cut off. In the course of my healing journey, I've found that now, not only have I laid down my sword, but also my shield. I’ve found that it’s not about changing my outer reality by going to the other end of the denial teeter-totter and gaining control over those who I thought were controlling me, but simply a matter of ending my personal denials and speaking my truth. Anyone that has intent to control me has no hold on me when I am not in denial. I don't need a sword to fight them or a shield to protect myself from their potential attacks, as my being real (love) is all I need.

I’ve also come to realize that I can't change anyone, (period). They are what they are. I can only change myself and when I change myself, I also affect my outer reality, including the people around me. It will be slow work at first, but from what I have experienced, it's very real and effective. The more people that wake up, the more our collective consciousness will affect our reality. Of course, those that are presently in control will try to prevent this to retain control of the masses, but it will only work on those that want to be controlled, or desire to remain in denial of their Will. Freedom is a choice, as is life.