Book 1 - Chapter 11 - Feeling, Healing, and Understanding Emotions - Excerpt 1-7

Spirit and Soul

Religions, or ism’s, including moral and social philosophies that have taken on religious characteristics, have with their part-truths and dogma, created confusion regarding our Divine essence in that they basically all teach that we are created by Spirit. While there is truth in that statement, it’s only a part truth as we were created by Spirit and Soul. Another confusing religious concept that goes back to antiquity and is also associated with most modern religions, is that there is a separation between the physical realm and the Spiritual realm, and that the physical Body is somehow beneath, or less desirable, than the spiritual aspect of our Being. The reason for this separation is that when the Spirit or energy that animates the physical Body leaves, the physical Body dies and returns to the elements. Religious dogma would have us believe that death is merely the transition from the physical plane to the Spiritual, while birth is the opposite. Not understanding denial and how it creates death is what has been keeping us in this cycle of reincarnation, of death and re-birth. Part of the reason of coming back is to try to regain essence that was lost, but not understanding how it was lost, doesn’t allow for it to be reclaimed. Associated with this is the religious belief that we have to endure and suffer in the physical to have our reward in the Spiritual.

Most religions also teach that God, the Divine Creator, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Brahman, Tao, Energy, Light, etc., is male, while some more liberal minded claim God is both male and female. Still other teachings state that referring to God as having a feminine aspect would create God as having a gender, when it is neither, implying God is genderless. To add even further confusion, the words Soul and Spirit are also used interchangeably.

Another area of confusion with religions is in the term “Divine Will” or “the Will of Allah” or “Gods will” etc., which has literally been taken to mean Gods choice, desire or command. We’ve also adapted the word “will” into our vocabulary to describe our choices, desires and commands. Religions expound God as being omnipresent, omnipotent and of unconditional love, yet when we examine God as Spirit and its “Divine Will” intent, and how the words are really used (coupled with the awareness of the presence of denial) we see that the real meaning has connotations of control, determination, and the expectation of achieving a goal.

I feel that this confusion and denial of their true intent is yet another attempt by religions to negate, suppress and deny the feminine aspect of our Being, the Soul or the (Will) of God. They do so by using the term Will, as if it were simply an expression of Spirit (Mind), in the same way that the medical community (that I’ll discuss later) puts the Mind in control of the Will (intuition, knowing, feelings and emotions). In other words, I feel it’s a religious word game, meant to confuse, deceive and befuddle, and to keep us going in circles and under their control, as to challenge either the cleric, their religious beliefs, or the “holy word” is considered a blasphemy, taboo, forbidden, verboten and a definite no-no. Since this issue with the word “Will” was brought to my awareness when reading the RUOW books that I’ve previously mentioned, I now use the word “Will” to mean, (intuition, knowing, feelings and emotions) as they are related to the Soul. Soul or Will is the Divine Mother or feminine principle of God. Our personal Will is not separate from the Divine Will, and neither is our Spirit, separate from the Divine Spirit.

As I now see it, for a Spiritual (energy) Being to manifest a physical Body, “as above so below” we (as a Spiritual Being) need to transfer a part of our essence (energy) into the physical plane in order to animate a physical Body with which to experience physical reality. Furthermore, we have both a Spirit and a Soul, and while they are intrinsically connected, they are not one and the same. Our Spirit is associated with our Mind, God, masculine, thoughts, thinking, analyzing, ideas, logic, reason, knowledge, positive polarity, electric, light, giving, right, exhale, push, hot, silver, etc. Our Soul is associated with our Will, Goddess, feminine, intuition, feelings, emotions, knowing, desire, negative polarity, magnetic, dark, sound, receiving, inhale, pull, cold, gold, etc. Not only do we have a Spirit and a Soul, but we also have Heart essence that is associated with love, compassion, acceptance and connection. Together, they take on the fourth aspect of our Divinity and that is Form, or our manifested physical Body, and collectively, all four parts become one, and we (as an energy Being) are able to experience life and what we call physical reality.

A scientific way to visualize and understand the relationship between Spirit and Soul, is to compare them to the inter-relationship of electricity and magnetism in producing an electromagnetic force, (energy) which is connected to everything in our reality. Where we have one, we also have the other, and when either one moves, so does the other. That is to say, if we have an electric voltage (+ and -) with a conductor forming a complete circuit, we then have current flowing through the conductor that induces a magnetic field encircling the conductor. Or, we can have the opposite take place when we have a magnetic field moving near a conductor that is in a closed circuit. The magnetic field now induces an electric current that flows through the conductor and an electric voltage is produced. Two completely different forces and forms of energy intrinsically connected and unified as one. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.