Book 1 - Chapter 11 - Feeling, Healing, and Understanding Emotions - Excerpt 1-6

A Brief Introduction

We now get to what I consider to be the most important journey, the journey to our inner most essence and in healing and understanding our emotions and also the other aspects of our Being. What I share is not based on theory or assumptions, but on what I’ve personally experienced and have come to know as my truth. I say my truth, as it works for me, I can’t say it will work for you as that is only something that you can determine if you apply what I share to your personal issues. As I mentioned before, in the course of my journey I was searching for something that would connect all the part-truths together. I finally found the missing thread, and what was common and linked them all was denial, and associated with denial was lies, omission and avoidance. Having that insight, I was now ready to explore the same issues again, but now from a different point-of-view. When I modified the tools to a non-denial point-of-view, I began to see how things really are, and not the illusion that others would have me believe they are. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to experience what I share to see if it also works for you. To do that, you need to not only have the intent to heal, but also be willing to step outside the constructs of your current beliefs, and that’s not going to be easy to do. To know what works, you also need to know what doesn’t work. While the introduction for this chapter is a bit long, it’s necessary as it will help you begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together to know where I’m coming from.

Religion and Science

In my search for truth, I explored various sciences, including psychology and psychiatry, as well as many religions along with their beliefs and dogma, and while they all offered part-truths, none felt complete and loving. But instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, I became eclectic and gleaned from them what I felt okay with and what I felt I could use. One example is the scientific concept of the Mind and the sub-conscious, and the Body with its hormones and chemicals, that I linked to Eastern religious and philosophical concepts of the Mind and meditation, and the Body with its chakras and energy centers. Religion and science, similar but different, East meets West.

In this chapter, I’m going to be sharing some of my present points-of-view and understandings that will help you get a feel of where I’m coming from, and also help you on your healing journey. These understanding have to do with both religion and science that deal with the same issue, that of denial of the feminine aspects of our Being, our Will (intuition, feelings and emotions). Religion and science (the medical community) have, in their ignorance, or feigned ignorance, created a complimentary form of confusion, and while each uses a different approach and different words, they both create the same effect. Religion has created confusion with the terms Spirit and Soul, and the medical community has done the same with the Mind and Emotions.

Before we can begin to learn how to heal ourselves, we need to know who we are, and how, what, where, when and why we are damaged. To begin to answer these questions we need to acknowledge a fundament truth of “who” we are, and that is, that we are a Spiritual (energy) Being having a physical experience. I’m not stating this as any religious belief or dogma, but as a fundamental truth that resides at the very core of our being human. Not only is Spiritual (energy) and our physical Being at the core of most religions, but even science is aware that everything is a form of energy and that matter and energy are interchangeable.