Book 1 - Chapter 7 - Clearing your Astral Attachments - Excerpt 1-5

Example of a Journey and Release

This is an example (in part) of how to do a journey. What is omitted is how you prepare for it, along with the rest of the journey, and then the returning and intergrating portion.

Q “Feeling totally relaxed, resting peacefully in your place of centre feeling comfortable, safe and secure. This place will be the starting point as well as the finishing point for your journey. Now, when you’re ready, in your Mind’s eye, visualize a blue mist before you and allow yourself to slowly move out from your place of centre and into the mist. It might be blue or green or whatever other color is appropriate. You may not see a mist and that’s okay too, you may just sense or feel that you’re in the mist or somewhere outside your physical Body. Tell me when you feel you’re in this mist, this space, feeling safe and secure?” (Short pause)

A “Yes, I’m in the mist.”

Q “Now slowly look down your Body and tell me what you see or feel is attached to you and where?” (Short pause)

A “Humm, I see it. I see a chord, it’s dark grey.”

Q “Where is it attached?”

A “To my heart and stomach.”

Q “I want you now to follow the chord and see who is on the other end.”

A “I see my mother.”

Q “Is your mother still living?”

A “No, she died 15 years ago.”

Q “Why is she attached to you?”

A “She says she’s protecting me.”

Q “Protecting you from who or what?”

A “From everything that can hurt me.”

Q “Why are you attached to her?”

A “I miss her, she left when I was young.”

Q “Why do you miss her?”

A “I didn’t know where she went, she was sick and then she went away. I was alone and I was afraid.”

Q “Is that why she stayed around, to protect you?”

A “Yes.”

Q. “Okay, I want you now to go back to when you were little, to just before your Mom died.” (Pause)

A “I can see her on the bed” (Starts crying – short pause)

Q “I want you now to tell your Mom everything that you wanted to tell her before she left and for her to tell you what she never got to tell you.” (Silence and more tears – Pause for as long as necessary)

A “She says it’s now time for her to go?”

Q “Do you feel it’s time for you to say goodbye and to also let her go?”

A “Yes, I know that she loves me and why she left me and it’s okay now.”

Q “Before you release your mother is there anything she has to say to you, or you want to say to her?”

A “Yes, She knows that I can now look after myself and that she has to go. I was never able to understand what happened and why she left me alone, but now I understand.”

Q “I sense that your mother’s angels and guides are now coming to help her. It’s now time to remove this attachment. Know that you will always be connected to her in love. See the chord between you now dissolving.”

A “Yes, her guides are coming to take her to her right place. There’s this warm light that is everywhere.”

Q “Feel the love that is present in this moment, this unconditional love. Know that you will always have this connection with her. Feel the difference between the connection you now have, to the attachment you used to have.” (Pause)

A “Yes, (crying) I can feel the difference and so can she, she says to say thank you.”

Q “Tell her she is welcome.” (Pause)

Q “Now I want you to look down on your Body and see if you can see any other attachments on you that need to be cleared.”

A “Yes there is one just below my stomach. I see it’s my ex-boyfriend.”

...... To be continued......