Book 1 - Chapter 7 - Clearing your Astral Attachments - Excerpt 1-4

Examples of Attachments

We have attachments to people, places and things, with our attachments to people being by far the greatest issue in our lives. While these attachments are in the form of energy, they also take on physical characteristics. Some examples of astral attachments are having the feeling that you are being weighed down, held back, drained or being watched. Another is having constant thoughts of either someone living or dead that you’re unable to let go of. Another is having feelings and urges that don’t feel like yours. Still another is having sudden or chronic unexplained pains in your Body. These are just some of the issues that you can heal by clearing your attachments. It’s important to understand that there are two forms of attachment. One is what I call physical to physical and the other is Astral to physical which can be in the form of an entity, deceased person, or someone that is alive in the physical world, that knows how to astral travel. While the reasons for the attachments are all different, all attachments are a form of energy transfer and are on the astral plane.

Attachments between living people are always two-way, that is to say, you have an attachment to them, and they to you. The most common form of attachments are between close relatives, i.e. husband, wife, child, siblings, grandparents, relatives, or to a friend or lover. They can also be with someone that you only saw or met once, and you can even have an attachment just by chatting to someone on the internet. As you will discover, some attachments can be very subtle and are difficult to identify and release.

Another common attachment that many people have is to deceased relatives and friends who have not made the transition and have remained Earth bound for any number of reasons, including the attachment. One reason may be their refusal to believe that they are dead. Another may be to comfort, protect or control loved ones who are still in the physical, whose attachment to them may be one of denial that they’re gone, of a feeling of loss, of still needing them, or of guilt and shame that things weren’t resolved when the person was still alive.

Attachments to places and things are one-way, that is, you’re attached to it for whatever reason; it could be a piece of land, a house, chair, ring, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, clothes, personal looks, or anything that gives you a “feel good” fix that you don’t want to lose. Attachments, whether to people, places and things, all have an underlying issue and a denied fear that has to be identified and healed before the attachment can be released. Once you become aware of who, what, where, when, why and how your psychic attachments were formed and have been affecting you, you’ll have the choice of releasing them. Not all attachments can be released in one session, as some need to remain for your future experiences. Even if you were to remove them, they’d only return as you haven’t dealt with the real issue of why the attachment occurred in the first place.

While I’ve given some details, I strongly recommend that you read the Notes at the end of this chapter where I’ve added a few extra details on various issues that may come up during your journey that require special attention. Every experience and journey is different and you’re bound to have some experiences that aren’t covered here, but with the information that I’m giving you here, and throughout this book, and with the help of your intuition and your guides, you’ll be okay. As I mentioned before, all the things I share in this and my other books are pieces of the puzzle. You are not only going to have to use what I share and what you’ve experienced in your journeys, but also do your homework by applying what you’ve learned from them to your daily life experiences in order to heal your issues. The reason is that you need to make that conscious connection between your inner and outer reality, and then choose to heal and empower yourself.

My first suggestion is to be prepared to express all your heartfelt feelings and emotions in the moment they come up in the course of releasing your attachments, and also be prepared to express and release any physical pain that may be stored in your Body that is related to the attachment. Also feel and trust your intuition and do what you feel is right in the moment. If you’re in fear, express that too, deny nothing, and remember that your guides are there to help and assist you and you can call upon them for help at any time. By help, I mean that they can’t do it for you or get you out of a situation that you feel uncomfortable with, as that’s also part of the purpose of you having the experience in the first place, so that you can begin to heal your underlying issues that you are uncomfortable with. Also know that in any situation, you’re never given more than you can handle, and that what you are experiencing is for a reason, even if you don’t know the purpose of it in the moment, you’ll get the insights and understandings later, after the experience. There are no coincidences. So now that you know a little bit more of what we are dealing with, and you’ve not been frightened off by what I’ve said, we can now begin our journey.